The Veggie Project, Petawawa Pantry Food Bank

a vegetable display of brillant colours

Volunteers are needed for a pilot project to plant, care for and harvest vegetables to be donated to the Petawawa Pantry Foodbank.  The vegetables will be planted in the Community Garden in Petawawa.

The plan is that a group of experienced gardeners will plan which vegetables are to be planted and to then plant, care for and harvest the vegetables.  If there are sufficient volunteers, it might even be possible for experienced gardeners to help mentor less experienced gardeners.  So, if you are an experienced gardener, and you know of someone, perhaps a high schooler, or university student, who would also want to participate in this pilot project, please invite them to also participate.

The amount of time and effort required will depend on which vegetables are to be planted, and how much of each are to be planted, and, of course, your personal availability.  It will also depend on how many people volunteer.  The minimum expectation is that volunteers would spend 3 hours weekly attending to the garden.  Under the rules of the Community Garden, the garden plot must be well maintained (meaning effective weed and pest control).  We have reserved a 30x30 ft. plot for this project. 

In the current COVID-19 environment, all volunteers are expected to obey all rules established by local authorities regarding social distancing and other preventative measures to protect themselves from catching the virus, and to prevent the spread of the virus.  This will mean keeping at least 6 feet from other people and wearing proper protective clothing (gloves and masks).  In addition to these regulations, volunteers will be expected to bring their own tools (tool sharing with others will not be permitted unless these others are from the same household), and to also wear appropriate footwear (no open toed shoes or sandals). 

Meetings of the volunteer group will be held via the Zoom conference tool.  

The project coordinator (Ron Hinch) will coordinate scheduling of volunteers to ensure that the garden space is not overpopulated in accordance with COVID-19 regulations.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact me as soon as possible.

Ron Hinch

Project Coordinator

The Veggie Project




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