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Ultimate Werewolf - At Petawawa Heritage Village - SOLD OUT

October 15th, 2021

A werewolf full moon visual details on Ultimate Werewolf eventJoin us for an evening of Ultimate Werewolf, Food, Drinks and Boardgames!


There is a family of werewolves hunting down the pioneer families at Petawawa Heritage Village! Will your family survive the night and identify the family of werewolves or become the werewolves next meal?

Players will roam the village and investigate clues, interrogate other players in an attempt to discover who the werewolves are. A town council meeting will be called and the families of the village will nominate and vote out one family they think are the werewolves. If the werewolves are successfully voted out the villagers win. If not the game continues and another family will be eaten by the werewolf family.

  1. Tickets are $47.50+ hst per player and include admission to the village, participation in the main game, access to post werewolf board game area and a delicious dinner!
  2. You require a minimum of 4 Players on your team. Don't have 3 other players? No worries we will add you to another team of singles and couples. 
  3. A traditional harvest pioneer dinner will be provided by J&E's Bored n Saucy. 
  4. Participants are encouraged to dress in traditional pioneer outfits, halloween costumes, or just your regular clothes. This year the event will be entirely outdoors, so dress for the weather. 
  5. The evening is adults only. Ages 19+ as alcohol will be served. There is a CASH bar being run by the Heritage Village. 
  6. Players will be emailed their registration package and role cards one week before the games starts. 
  7. Gates open at 6:00 pm. Main Game begins at 7 pm and will end by 10 pm. The Howl at the Moon Saloon will be open until 11pm for post game snacks, beer and boardgames! 

Tickets are are available until October 11th. There are a maximum of 44 tickets available. Get your tickets!

When booking your tickets please keep your teams to 4-6 Players. Please let us know who will be on your team. If you are attending the event with more than 6 players you will have to start a second team of a minimum of 4 players.