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Taste of the Valley Features J&E's Bored N' Saucy

<b>Taste of the Valley with Elissa Kozakevich</b>

Congratulations to our very own J&E's Bored N' Saucy on their episode as part of the Taste of the Valley cooking series. Bored N' Saucy is the passion project of Elissa Kozakevish and her military partner Jeremy. What began as a sauce-making endeavor for personal and friend use, during one of Jeremy's deployments, has become a local scratch kitchen retail serving freezer meals and grill items, along with those custom sauces, sweets, and other local food and beverage related products.

Taste of the Valley is a regional Ottawa Valley series of events that highlight and support local farmers' markets and vendors of local produce.  The Taste of the Valley video series was a great way for local boutique producers to collaborate with local restauranters to showcase and demonstrate recipes made from Valley fresh local ingredients.

The Taste of the Valley website allows users to connect with the farmer's markets and the vendors.  

Watch the Bored N' Saucy episode on YouTube.