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Official Plan Review Process

The Town has retained WSP, a professional consulting firm, to assist with undertaking community engagement and the Official Plan Review.

The Official Plan Review will be conducted in four phases with frequent opportunities for community engagement and input. Town Council and Staff encourage community members to follow updates, review materials as they become available, and provide input during this process.  Official Plan Review Information - The Town of Petawawa

Phase 1 of the project began in November 2022 and the entire process is anticipated to extend into 2024. The work program for the Project will occur over four phases:

  • Phase 1: Project Initiation and Project Management
  • Phase 2: Background Issues Review and Vision
  • Phase 3: Policy Directions
  • Phase 4: New Official Plan and Project Completion 

Phase 1: Project Initiation and Project Management

  • Project initiation meeting with Town
  • Preparation of a consultation and engagement strategy
  • Special meeting of Town Council to initiate the project under Section 26 of the Planning Act

Representatives from the community were able to attend the Special Meeting of Council on Wednesday, March 8th, 2023.  Consulting firm WSP presented at this meeting the broad process the Official Plan Review would take to bring the necessary Provincial, County and local priority policies for the Town of Petawawa into the OP Updates.  This work stems from the Background Review Report which is available as a separate file..

Phase 2: Background Issues Review and Vision

Background information review;

  • Stakeholder Meeting #1;
  • Pre-consultation meeting with the County of Renfrew;
  • Review of Growth Projections; 
  • Background Review and Policy Gaps Report

Our first Stakeholder meeting was held on March 29, 2023.  It was a virtual opportunity to engage in discussions on how sector-specific needs can be considered in policy direction for the Official Plan Review.

As part of this process, a series of questions were posed to the attendees for their responses.  This list of questions in  were: 

1. What is your vision of the Town of Petawawa for the next 25 years?
2. How do we ensure housing is available for all residents?
3. How can the Town support economic development?
4. How do we plan for an inclusive community?
5. What do you see as part of a “healthy community”?
6. How can the Town respond to climate change and be more resilient to disasters such as COVID-19?
7. What other ways would you like to see the Town engage with residents and stakeholders during this OP project?
8. Other topic areas that should be explored?

We invite you to provide your responses and thoughts on these questions.  Responses can be submitted in writing to Karen Cronier by email at  To be considered in our next steps kindly ensure that the submission is received by April 14th.  Please see a more comprehensive list of sub-questions in the file below.

Phase 3: Policy Directions 

  • Draft Policy Directions Report;
  • Public Opportunity Group Meeting;
  • Stakeholder Meeting #2;
  • Council Briefing; and
  • Growth Management and Land Needs Assessment.

The Draft Policy Directions Report is the result of the 1st Stakeholder Meeting.  This report is the bases for further discussion and inputs as part of the 2nd Stakeholder and Public Opportunity Meetings planned for June 20th at the upper hall of the Petawawa Civic Centre.  Sessions will take place from 2-4 pm and again from 5-7 pm. An initial overview presentation will be held at the opening of each session followed by a more interactive engagement.  

  • Review the  2nd Stakeholder and Public Opportunity Meeting presentation.  

Phase 4: Official Plan Review and Project Completion

  • Public Open House;
  • Statutory Public Meeting;
  • Draft and Final Official Plan policies and mapping; and
  • Presentation to Council.