Support our Businesses Video Promotion series

Petawawa Business Video Promotion

As an additional means to support local businesses, the Town of Petawawa has piloted a video series featuring local establishments. One local business is featured per video (or more, depending on participation) and these are posted to the Town of Petawawa and Petawawa Business social media pages.

Petawawa businesses featured in this series:

The approximate length of each video is 1 to 1.5 minutes.  The proposed content includes a short introduction, business info through a Q&A or blurb and a short conclusion as per below. 

Proposed content:

1. Intro

Shot of the business from outside

Business name and location

Transition to Q&A


Q&A or blurb

Sample questions/topics:

Who are you

·         owners/employees introduce themselves, can give 1-2 sentences about their involvement with the business

·         e.g. “I’m Jack and I have owned XX for ## years” or “I’m Sarinda and I am the (position name) at XX business.  I’ve worked here for ## years and I love it here!”

Short summary of business

·         2-3 sentences that sum up your business’ products or services, type of business, etc.

·         e.g. “At XX, we sell household furniture and appliances.  We also offer interior decorating services, from designing to purchasing and arranging, as well as staging if you are selling your home.”

Customers/target audience (where applicable)

·         1-2 sentences about your customers or target audience

·         E.g. “We cater to first time homeowners who need to fill their house with love!”  or “Our customer base is quite broad as everyone needs furniture and appliances, whether it is first-time purchases or replacements or because of redecorating or moves.”

Services offered during pandemic – innovation of business model

·         2-3 sentences summary of what you’re offering that’s likely different than normal (different hours, delivery service, new products, mail outs, social media, etc.)

Message to Petawawa residents/other

·         Anything else that you want to say to wrap up

Other questions/topics possible!

3. Conclusion

Shot from outside business

Repeat of business name location, hours and contact info

Video options: 

If you prefer the Q&A method, we can drop by your business for a quick video shoot.

If you prefer to tape yourself, you could use your own technology to record a short video or a number of clips and submit to the Town.

We will happily work with you for the best fit!

If you are interested in being a featured Petawawa business, simply communicate with and we will make the necessary arrangments with you.