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Vendor Testimonials

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And Now A Few Words From Past Container Market Vendors;

Testimonial submitted by Sara Lake Studio

This was my very first time at the Pop Up Container Market in Petawawa and I thoroughly enjoyed my week. The interaction with customers and people stopping by to say hello was great and getting to meet other fellow ‘container mates’ was fantastic!  I look forward to doing this again in September and October. A fantastic idea that I will continue to support next year! 

Testimonial submitted by Bumpy Roads Studio

Investing some rent money and time into participating in the Petawawa Pop-up Container Market has been the best business decision made since launching Bumpy Roads Studio in March 2020. During my week at the market, I connected with the community, got my products and classes known in a way that would not have been possible otherwise. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve made back my investment several times over and my social media followership and engagement restarted to grow after months of the plateau. I look forward to returning this Summer and in the early Fall.

Testimonial submitted by Bug and Bean

The Pop Up Container Market was a wonderful event for our business.  Typically, we are solely an e-commerce business but we have a very supportive local community behind us and it was wonderful to meet people who value our brand.  The networking between business owners is invaluable and is another benefit to having the rental for a week.  The process was easy and beneficial - we cannot wait until next year!

Testimonial submitted by Back Country Studio

I had the pleasure of participating in the Petawawa Pop Up Container Market in 2020. Initially, I signed up for exposure of my small handmade business but in the end had great sales, future contacts, and commissions and met some amazing people.  It was well organized and maintained and a great way to have a storefront for a week at a time. Great idea!  I am looking forward to participating in future events. 

Testimonial submitted by Irish Daisy Candle Co.

I absolutely loved participating in the Pop Up Market Container Market.  This experience was incredibly beneficial to my business as I was able to meet and connect with customers, who otherwise can only buy from me online.  This market allowed me to reach a wider audience and network with other local small business owners.  I am so excited to continue participating in the Pop Up Market in the future!

Testimonial submitted by Emma Allen Design Studio

Participating in the Petawawa Pop Up Container Market was a fun experience!  Meeting my customers in person was such a highlight, it allowed them to browse my products in person rather than viewing them on the computer.  It was also lovely to connect more with my community and get out in public after a long 1.5 years of COVID!  

Testimonial submitted by Kaferoni

My first week at the Petawawa Container Market was incredible, overwhelming, but incredible.  As a new business in the area, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I set up shop for the week.  I prepped as much bread and treats as I could leading up to my first day and hoped for the best.  I never expected to sell out, let alone on that first day.           
This concept of a temporary ‘store front’ is exactly what I needed to get my business going.  I was able to connect with new clients, make business connections, and introduce the brand Kaferoni to Petawawa.   The feedback has been very positive and I’m excited to see where my little at-home bakery will go.  

Testimonial submitted by The Scented Bohemian

This market is such a great opportunity for small businesses like mine!  It's a great concept and well-advertised.  I loved seeing customers again after such a long time since our last market.

Testimonial submitted by Ewe Crafts

The Petawawa Pop Up Container Market was great for my small business. As an e-commerce based business, it was so beneficial to finally meet my customers, answer in-person questions, and allow customers to experience my products before deciding on a purchase. This market has allowed my business to grow and has enabled me the opportunity to be present within the community. If you’re a small business looking to expand your clientele or are looking to advertise your products, I would definitely suggest partaking in the Petawawa Pop Up Market!!

Testimonial submitted by Hyska's Your Independent Grocer

My business took an opportunity to participate in the new Container Market at the Civic Centre in Petawawa during its opening weekend.    Although I have a brick-and-mortar location for my business in Petawawa,  the ability to have a place to get in front of new customers was invaluable!  The Container Market location is high traffic, professional, and equipped with plenty of parking in an easy to access area of Petawawa from both roads and trails.  The container was easy to use and allowed plenty of space to display products and information for our customers.  The best part was the instant collaboration that happened with the other vendors at the Pop-up Container Market!  Through social media posts, we were able to support each other and draw a variety of customers to the market.  I will definitely be using this amazing resource again in the future!  A huge thanks to the Town of Petawawa and the Economic Development Department for this innovative idea.  

Testimonial submitted by Max Wilder & Co.

The container market was a wonderful experience for myself and my small business.  Having an opportunity to share my goods with a broader audience was valuable in many ways and having the ability to meet and chat with some of our followers in person was priceless.  I would definitely recommend the container market for other local small businesses. 

Testimonial submitted by J.P. Waxington Candle Co.

It was a great experience opening up a shop at the Petawawa Pop Up Container Market. The market allowed our small business to get some exposure and generate sales.  The container was exactly the size we needed to sell our candles, and we were provided with shelving that suited our needs perfectly. J.P. Waxington Candle Co is appreciative of the opportunity and we look forward to opening up a shop during another week in the market.

Testimonial submitted by Caprassion Acres 

This market is great and is gaining popularity with the public in the area. The people visiting the market were aware of it and many said they stop in weekly. Set up and run very well!  Was a great all-around experience!

Testimonial submitted by Phoenix Rising Artworks and Crafts

This was a great event for my business to attend. After a long-struggling year with no sales, this was the perfect outdoor and safely distanced venue.  It also gave me a chance to socialize with new people. 

Testimonial submitted by JS's Jewellery Studio

As a newer artisan, the Pop-Up Market was my first attempt at being public-facing with my craft, and it proved to be a wonderful opportunity. No hassle with shipping or online marketing, just genuine in-person interactions and a great first taste of entrepreneurship! It gave me a feel for what buyers are interested in and ideas for future projects. I would encourage anyone else who is just starting out to give it a shot.

Testimonial submitted by Monkey Brand

This was a great experience to both get to have that face-to-face interaction with our customers and show them various products that they would not know otherwise that we had. Overall, the Container Market was a great experience and exposure for Monkey Brand and we would definitely partake again! 

Testimonial submitted by Local Motives

This was a great opportunity to share my online business with the local community in a face-to-face market. I made wonderful contacts, and made a lot of potential business as well as sales!