Home Industry

A gainful occupation including carpentry, electrical shop, woodworking, window framing, welding, plumbing, machine or auto repair shop, riding stables and a kennel with a maximum of four outdoor runs; a service shop; or a storage building for school buses, boats or snowmobiles and conducted in whole or in part in an accessory building to a single detached dwelling or to a permitted farm use.

Where a home industry is a permitted use (rural designation only), such home industry shall conform to the following provisions:

  • No more than two persons, other than a person(s) residing on the premises, shall be employed in the home industry.
  • There shall be no external display or advertising other than a non-illuminated sign not more than 0.5 square metres in area.
  • Such home industry shall not be a hazardous or obnoxious trade, and shall not create or become a public nuisance.
  • Such home industry is clearly secondary to the main use and does not change the residential character of any dwelling, or the agricultural character of any farm unit.
  • The parking requirements of this By-law shall apply to any home industry use.
  • No goods, wares or merchandise shall be offered or exposed for sale or rent on the premises unless such goods, wares and merchandise are either:
    • (a) incidental to the home industry; or
    • (b) arts and crafts produced on the premises; or
    • (c) farm produce resulting from the main use.
  • Not more than 10.0 percent of the gross floor area of the dwelling unit shall be dedicated to the home industry.
  • Accessory buildings may be erected, altered or used for the purpose of a home industry provided that not more than fifty (50) square metres of the gross floor area of all accessory buildings shall be used for the purpose of a home industry.