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To support our business community and share relevant and timely information, the Town of Petawawa in collaboration with the Petawawa Business Advisory Network, are preparing and sending e-news posts.  Subscribe to get the e-news delivered directly to your inbox or to review past messages open up the various links below.

August     21, 2020 Will you Ramble?
August     11, 2020 Petawawa...Are you ready to Ramble?
July          23, 2020 The Big Spend
July          10, 2020 Mandatory Mask/Face Coverings in Renfrew County
June        30, 2020  Happy Canada Day!
June          3, 2020  Petawawa Business News - June
May         15, 2020  Petawawa Business Updates for May
April         24, 2020  Summary of Supports for Business
April           9, 2020  Business Supports
April           6, 2020  Business Surveys
April           3, 2020  Business Information and Resource COVID-19
March      20, 2020  COVID-19 Information Resources
March        9, 2020  Service Concierge Digital Media Workshops
February  19, 2020  Service Concierge
February    7, 2020  What's Happening in Petawawa