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CIP Virtual Municipal Workshop

August 31st, 2021

A graphic of information about the CIP Public Municipal WorkshopTown of Petawawa’s Community Improvement Plan Virtual Municipal Workshop

On August 31, 2021, two virtual Municipal Workshop Sessions were held. Members of Council, the business community and the public had the opportunity to attend one of the two sessions where they could provide feedback on the Draft Town of Petawawa Community Improvement Plan (July 2021).

Attendees of the workshop provided feedback on the following:

  • Draft CIP Vision and Goals;
  • Proposed Financial Incentive Programs; and
  • Draft Municipal Leadership Strategy.

To assist attendees with communicating their ideas, the digital public engagement tool Mural was used. Through Mural, attendees could share their ideas on a virtual whiteboard in real time as the discussion occurred.

The main themes discussed at the workshops included other ideas for what should be include in the CIP Vision and Goals, what Town assets should be the focus of the CIP and how the County of Renfrew should be engaged to support the goals of the CIP.

The findings of the Municipal Workshop have been used to inform the development of the Final Draft Community Improvement Plan.

The presentation document is available for viewing in the files below.

Virtual Workshops - Register here

The Town of Petawawa and its consultant (WSP) have prepared a Draft Community Improvement Plan (CIP), which is available as an attached file.

A CIP is a planning and economic development tool that sets out a framework to assist in community revitalization, and aims to achieve economic, community planning and urban development goals. CIPs can provide many community benefits by:
  • Stimulating private sector investment in targeted areas of the community through grants from the Town;
  • Promoting revitalization and place-making to attract tourism, business investment and economic development opportunities;
  • Enhancing streetscapes and building facades; 
  • Encouraging the development affordable housing; and
  • Promoting brownfield cleanup and redevelopment.

To date, the community engagement activities have included a community survey and a business survey which has informed the development of the CIP. The Municipal Workshop is the next engagement event in this planning process.
The Municipal Workshop is an opportunity for attendees to discuss the following components of the CIP:
  1. CIP Vision and Goals;
  2. Financial Incentive Programs; and
  3. Municipal Leadership Strategy.

At the Municipal Workshop, the Town’s consultant, WSP, will give a presentation, summarizing the process and findings to date, followed by an in-depth facilitated discussion on the Draft CIP. 
We need your input into the Draft CIP and hope you can attend the Municipal Workshop.

Workshop Registration

Please register for the Municipal Workshop by Wednesday, August 25th.
The meeting link will be sent to participants in advance of the Municipal Workshop.

If you have any questions about the Municipal Workshop, please contact Christine Mitchell, Economic Development Officer, Town of Petawawa at or by calling 613.687.5536, ext. 2021