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1 and 3 Ellard Street (Land)

street google images of 1 and 3 Ellard Street

This prime development location comprises 60,000 square feet of commercially zoned lands. A Tim Horton's franchise is located on a corner section of the property.  The additional 40,000 square feet of land is available for development.

1 Ellard Street has 14,810 square feet of land.
3 Ellard Street has 7,841 square feet of land.

The remaining land has 19,602 square feet of property which would have frontage from and be accessed from a municipal street, Mohns Avenue. 

Contact: Subhkin Canada Inc.
Sandeep Aggerwal 
Phone: 613-798-6849

Concept of potential development on this site.
an image of development concepts for Ellard Street