Fidacity - E-commerce buy local, shop local platform

Fidacity is a digital marketplace focused on supporting local business and community development through a shop local platform.  Fidacity is a translation from Latin, meaning Trust.  The digital platform is the creation of an Ottawa couple who saw a gap in the ability to search businesses, their products and services within geographic boundaries. 

In response to the global pandemic, Fidacity founder and CEO has issued a media release to discuss the Fiacity site capacities to help businesses create and sell e-giftcards. Fidacity urges people to shop locally.

Fidacity has simplified the process for any business to be able to sell e-giftcards for their products or services. Once they sign up to the site, they then create thier business profile, connect their Stripe account (payment processor), they can begin selling e-giftcards immediately.  *Please note that Fidacity makes $0 on this service, it is purely a help local business initiative. 

There is a second level for businesses to earn from this platform, called the Shop Local Section.  This will enable anyone who has a product or service to sell to be able to host their business online within Fidacity's platform.  To set up an online store on Fidacity it costs nothing. $0 to sign up, $0 to set up the store, 0 listing fees, 0 monthly fees! Businesses will only encounter fees on the back end of the transaction once they have made money. (fees are less than 10% including Stripe administration fees; the fees range depending on if the business is classifies as handmade, reseller or retailer).

The platform allows for image uploads, direct sales, direct communications with the business, request a quote feature, an event section and the opportunity to purchase ad space all through the platform.  Fidacity uses the services of Stripe to manage the payment portal.  Businesses who set up a storefront with Fidacity can do so FREE of charge and they can link other online shopping platforms to this portal to manage inventory controls cohesively on all platforms.  All inputs into the system are managed through a local representative who also undertakes to validate that all businesses are legitimate. Product shipping is arranged directly between seller and purchaser typically with Canada Post as the mail provider.  Other local options are being explored.  

Lorraine D'Aoust is reaching out to many local businesses to share this opportunity and to get businesses to claim the opportunity for a FREE listing.  The more businesses that participate, the more interactive, useable and supportive the site can function towards generating qualified transactions for local businesses.

If you are not very tech-savvy, there are two local managers to help businesses get set up and it can pretty much all be done virtually.  Once businesses create their virtual shop, they can share on their social media and Fidacity can share it on their network, increasing the reach of the business in the social spectrum.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Lorraine D'Aoust at