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Business Registration/Transient Trader

Business Registration

The business registration process is a simple form that potential businesses are required to complete and provide to the Town, under By-Law 650/10, prior to opening their business; "No person shall commence or carry on a business unless they have completed and submitted a Business Registration Form".
The purpose of the registry is to ensure we have communication with the business owner at the outset of the business development process and can verify site location for conformity with the Official Plan and other regulations such as adherence to the Building Code and Fire Codes.
Contravention of any provision in By-Law 650/10 does constitute an offence and upon conviction is liable to a fine pursuant to the provisions of the Provincial Offenses Act.

Transient Traders Licence

Council of the Town of Petawawa implemented a Transient Trader licence in order to ensure that out of town businesses that were operating a door to door sales campaign were registered and approved by the Town. In order to ensure this they enacted a Transient Trader by-law.  All non-Petawawa businesses that operate, in this manner, are required to complete the Transient Trader documentation and provide all additional information as requested in the by-law.
This process allows staff to review the business and product to ensure that they are permitted to operate and conduct business in this manner.  It also allows staff the opportunity to make a posting on our website that advises residents that the business has in fact registered with the Town and will be in the community for a specified length of time.
Any business that fails to undergo this process is in violation and will be reported to the Ontario Provincial Police and/or ticketed by our By-law Enforcement Officer.
If you wish to obtain a Transient Traders Licence, you must do so through the Clerk's office.