Temporary Outdoor Patio Program 2020

In response to the global pandemic COVID-19 and the move into Stage 2 of the reopening plan, outdoor patio service is permitted by restaurants.  Further concessions have been made to permit temporary extension of patio areas subject to a series of guidelines and with municipal consent.    

The Town of Petawawa has created a temporary outdoor patio program for private land that will allow permitted businesses the ability to accommodate more seating and service area for the general public.

As part of the application process we request that you consult with the Renfrew County District Health Unit (RCDHU) to confirm your health and safety requirements with respect to patio use and extended patio service resulting from COVID-19 pandemic.  The RCDHU can be reached at 613-735-8654 or visit their website for more details.

I have an existing patio.  Do I need to complete this document?

You would complete this document if you are seeking to add additional patio seating at your business location.  If you are fine operating within the seating permitted by your existing authorized patio, in adherence with table seperation requirements from local authorities, then there is no need to complete this application.  

I did not have a permitted patio.  Can I create a patio under this program?

Yes.  You may review the guideline document and provide the necessary elements for municipal staff to grant you a temporary 2020 outdoor patio.

Can I serve alchol on my temporary outdoor patio extension?

Information on that is available in the guiding document and through the AGCO website.

Examples of temporary fencing or patio definition
Please note these images are for reference only. It is up to each business to ensure their enclosure is built at minimum height as required through AGCO.  A fence is needed when serving alcohol.  Shrubs and planter boxes framed with rope or chain are suitable when a patio is for food service only.

a plant fencea planter box with chain fencea chicken wire fencea screened fencea lattice fence