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Portable Signs

Portable Signs are permitted under By-Law 1573-23, our Municipal Council endorsed Sign By-Law!

Our permitting process is entirely online, using Cloudpermit .

For a complete application, you will be required to provide and attach to the application:

1. Detailed Site Plan

2. Lens (messaging on the sign)

3. Letter of Authorization (if you do not own the property)

For examples of the required documents and a step by step instructional document, please see below.

The provisions set out for Portable Signs are as follows:

a) Portable Signs may only be located on the lot upon which the business operates.

b) Portable Signs or any part of the sign structure shall not be located less than one point two (1.2) metres from any property line except where otherwise permitted with this by-law.

c) Portable signs shall not be located within ten (10) metres of any traffic signal.

d) Portable signs shall not be placed in a parking stall, loading zone, or an aisle leading to the same.

e) No side of any Portable sign shall have a gross area greater than three (3m²) square metres.

f) Portable Signs shall be firmly secured with an anchor or other solid fixture to prevent wind uplift.

g) Portable Signs may not be converted to permanent Ground Signs.

h) No more than one Portable Sign shall be installed or displayed on a lot at any time. In the case of properties with multiple businesses, there shall be a maximum of one Portable Sign per sixty (60) metres of frontage on the lot.

i) Portable Signs require a permit, not to exceed (30) days, to a maximum of four (4) possible permits per business per annum

For enquiries into the provisions or assistance with securing a permit, please reach out to Admininistrative Assistant Katie at


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