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Applications, Fees, Guides & Permits

This general information applies for both residential and commercial properties

When do you need a permit? 

A permit must be obtained before

  • constructing any new building or additional structure on your property
  • repairing or adding to an existing building
  • excavating or constructing a foundation
  • installing heating, plumbing, air conditioning or a masonry fireplace
  • erecting temporary buildings or demolishing existing structures
  • replacing or installing a new septic system
  • installing new or altering existing signs, including portable signs; See By-law 794/12
  • any construction in water (e.g. a dock or boathouse with solid foundation - Ministry of Natural Resources)
  • changing the use of a building (changing the business and/or potentially increasing its hazard)

What happens to your application? 

Planning & Development employees will review an application to confirm that the proposed work complies with the Ontario Building Code and the local Zoning By-law. 

What happens during construction? 

A Building Inspector will inspect the work to determine if it has been completed in accordance with Building Code, original permit and approved plans. 

It is the Owner's/Applicants responsibility to: 

  • have the permit and plans available on site; and
  • contact the Municipality for appropriate inspections; including a final to close the permit

What happens if you don't get a building permit? 

The Building Code Act, 1992, states; anyone who is charged and found guilty of building without a permit can be fined.  As per Town By-law 1410/21; a Starting without a permit - Administration fee of $340.00 can be applied, if it has been found that construction commenced without the appropriate permit.

For general inquiries contact Planning & Development Administrative Assistant, Amy Brazeau at 

For specific building code-related inquiries, please contact RSM Building Consultants at

For all Building, Septic and Sign permit applications, please submit ONLINE through Cloudpermit