Watch My Six (Service Dogs)

Watch My Six (Service Dogs)
3067 Petawawa Blvd. Unit 4
Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
K8H 1X9
Phone: 613-506-7387

Our group fosters partnerships between dog and handler, and also increases community awareness about Service Dogs.

At WM6, we take pride in adhering to the guidelines set by Canadian Association of Service Dog Trainers. This accreditation sets out specific obedience standards that we use as a benchmark in our dog training. We believe in and adhere to positive and reward based training methods. We do not support the use of spiked collars, electric shock collars or other negative reinforcement training methods. Our team approach training supports the dog and the handler. We feel this helps to ensure positive outcomes, amazing results and growth for both parties. We follow this approach from puppy classes straight through to our Service Dog training sessions.