Lodging & Dining


Once you have experienced Petawawa and all the great experiences it has to offer, you may need to take a break and take a quick nap. Maybe roughing it isn’t part of your trip planning schedule. There are a number of places you can stay in and around Petawawa, from a room at a motel or hotel to a stay at a local resort to walking up to the smell of breakfast at a B&B.

Enjoy a swim in the pool or a soak in the hot tub at the local Quality Inn or enjoy breakfast at right by the water as the sun comes up and you get ready for your next adventure or another relaxing day taking in the sights.

Once you had a chance to get a few z’s or make a phone call home you can enjoy a relaxing bite to eat at one of the neighborhood restaurants, a drink on the patio at the local pub or visit the Petawawa Heritage Village or the Petawawa Military Museum and see the history of Petawawa and CFB Petawawa.


  • OTTAWA 163 km
  • NORTH BAY 197 km
  • TORONTO 396 km
  • MONTREAL 361 km
  • HUNTSVILLE 235 km
  • KINGSTON 280 km


Petawawa Quality Inn
3119B Petawawa Blvd. Petawawa, ON K8H 1X9   Phone: (613) 687-2855

Petawawa River Inn and Suites
3520 Petawawa Blvd Petawawa ON K8H 1W9   Phone: (613) 687-4686

Time Travelers Motel
1727 Petawawa Blvd Petawawa ON K8A 7H7   Phone: (613) 732-1949


Pine Ridge Park and Resort
419 River Dr Pembroke ON K8A 6W7   Phone: (613) 732-9891

Rivers Edge Cottage
368 Rantz Rd. Pembroke ON K8H 2W8  Phone: (613) 687-2736


Algonquin Portage
1352 Barron Canyon Rd Pembroke ON K8A 6W7   Phone: (613) 735-1795

Portage Place
928 Rantz Road Petawawa, ON K8H 2W8   Phone: (613) 687-2053