Active Transportation Plan - Network Concept and Survey

Petawawa is preparing an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) to develop a realistic, feasible and implementable blueprint for the planning, design and implementation of non-motorized routes, infrastructure and promotion over the short, medium and long term.  The ATP will guide decision-making, coordination and collaboration between Council, local municipal staff, community partners and residents.

Thank you to all the stakeholders and community at large who attended our consultation sessions on Thursday April 12, 2018, despite the unusual weather.  We had great discussions and priorities that came out of those sessions.  There is still an opportunity for those who could not attend to provide thier input.  In the attached files is a draft ATP network concept as well as a brief survey.  The survey can be completed and dropped off at the municipal office at 1111 Victoria St. Petawawa or you can complete the survey by clicking the link and going directly to our online portal. 

Take our six (6) question survey. 


Petawawa ATP Network - DRAFT pdf71.35KB
Active Transportation Surveypdf35.5KB
Notice of ATP Plan Commencementpdf9.47KB
Notice of Community Open Housepdf7.75KB
Thursday April 12th 5:00 - 7:00 pm at the Civic Centre main hall