Petawawa Ramble

October 19th, 2019 to October 20th 2019

The Petawawa Ramble is an autumn festival, first annual,  within the Town of Petawawa, led by the business community with support from the municipality.  The event is designed to foster economic opportunities for local businesses, encourage civic pride and provide a venue for local community groups to conduct fundraising within a coordinated branded program.  The long term objective of this initiative is to expand the festival into a tourism signature event that encompasses a longer autumn schedule and expands on festival activities.

The Petawawa Pumpkin People Festival is a self-guided tour, within the Petawawa Ramble, of the local businesses and public areas were unique pumpkin people displays and vignettes have been created.   A print and electronic map featuring all the pumpkin people locations will be available and allow you to meander and ramble around our dynamic community.

The Petawawa Ramble inaugural year, 2019, will feature, not only the Petawawa Pumpkin People Festival, but three (3) main events for residents and visitors to participate in.  Each event and venue includes a series of unique activities all within a fall-themed concept that support opportunities for interactive physical movement and rambling within the community.

The Heritage Village will feature interactive displays and activities, pumpkin product market, pumpkin carving contest and musical entertainment on both days.  The Saturday evening only the Looking Glass Toys and Games will animate a modified card game called "Werewolves in the Village".  This age of majority event will see participants play out the card game on the full Heritage Village site.a shadowy warewolve image perched on a rock outcrop

Hyska's Harvest Hoopla will feature a pig roast, live music, petting zoo, tractor rides, harvest games, butter making, cider tasting and pumpkin pie contest during the Saturday  of the Petawawa Ramble weekend.  The pumpkin patch and some independent activities will be available on the Sunday that weekend.

The Harvest Hike on Saturday consist of organized bike rides with Gearheads along the Algonquin Trail.  On Sunday from noon until 6 pm the Harvest Hike will move to the Centennial Park and feature live musical entertainment, a meandering street market with samples and products from various local vendors, harvest games including pumpkin bowling and apple slingshot.  Guided interpretive hikes are also part of this Harvest Hike event.