Petawawa Business Advisory Network

May 21, 2019   Petawawa

Council of the Corporation of the Town of Petawawa resolved to support the creation of a Petawawa Business Advisory Network (PBAN) that would function as an advisory body, composed of a diverse and industry represented group of business leaders who will provide counsel and identify priorities for the generation of economic growth and wealth for Petawawa.

The creation of a Petawawa Business Association Network (PBAN) is an opportunity for representatives of the local business community to actively participate and support economic and business growth and development in Petawawa. 

The appointment to the PBAN is by application.  As this committee is newly formed we are currently accepting applications and will accept applications until such time as the sector appointments are complete.  The recruitment process is open until June 15th, 2019.  Please refer to the application form provide to submit your application for consideration.  Once the deadline has passed applicants will be considered by Council and letters will be circulated to the applicants.

PBAN Mandate

The key objectives of the PBAN would be:

  • Foster better communications and consultation opportunities between the Town and the business community.
  • Undertake initiatives and projects that align with the Town of Petawawa Economic Action Strategy and other Town Plans.
  • Foster partnerships with other businesses and community development agencies to advance and promote economic growth within the community.
  • Provide recommendations on economic development activities and initiatives.
  • Identify barriers and opportunities with the community which can be leveraged or resolved in order to foster a better business environment.
  • Consult on other matters as requested by staff or Council.

PBAN Composition

In order to have a viable and effective community represented PBAN group it would be advantageous to have designated representation from various business and industry sectors.  As such, the PBAN would be ten members large, not including the Economic Development Officer who would be the recording secretary and primary conduit of communications and recommendations between the PBAN and Council.  Other staff from Community Services Department and the Planning and Development Department may attend meetings as the agenda matters dictate. 

  • One (1) member of Council
  • One (1) representative from the Industrial/Commercial Development sector
  • One (1) representative from the Manufacturing sector.
  • One (1) representative from the Hospitality/Tourism sector
  • One (1) representative from a small business (Less than five employees)
  • One (1) representative from a medium business (More than five but less than 50 employees)
  • One (1) representative from a large business (More than 50 employees)
  • One (1) representative from a home based business/business startup or youth business owner
  • One (1) representative from a financial or human service industry
  • One (1) representative from the military or a military member in transition to entrepreneurship.

PBAN Appointment Process

The PBAN appointment would run concurrent with the term of Council and interested participants would make application for available representation to be reviewed and endorsed by Council.  Successful applicants who required to vacate their represented sector would do so by written notice and staff would then advertise the vacancy in order to solicit other interested applicants. 

PBAN applicants will be evaluated based on their ability to represent their sector, scope of experience and involvement in the community, ability to participate fully in the PBAN and meet any ancillary obligations determined by the group.

Roles and Responsibilities of the PBAN members

The Council endorsed PBAN members would individually be responsible to:

  • Attend meetings;
  • Prepare for the meetings by reviewing the provided materials;
  • Actively participate in the discussion and activities of the group;
  • Complete actionable items assumed or assigned to them in a timely and efficient manner;
  • Engage with area partner resources, as pertinent;
  • Actively promote the community and economic development initiatives.  

Each member of the PBAN will assume an active role which includes regular participation in meetings.  Absence from a scheduled meeting should be reported to the recording secretary.  Three consecutive absences without cause or notification may result in the member relinquishing their membership.

PBAN Meetings

Meetings will take place as determined by the group in a manner that ensures the most consistent participation of the network is possible.  Meeting locations will occur at the Municipal Office, 1111 Victoria Street, unless otherwise noted.  Meetings will be as frequent as necessary to address the scope of activity proposed for discussion, but will be limited to a maximum of one meeting per calendar month.  The Economic Development Officer will act as the recording secretary.  A simple majority of appointed members will constitute quorum.  As necessary, and deemed by the PBAN, ad hoc working groups may be formed to address specific actions.


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